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Ark Inspections has been satisfying customers since 2005. I have a background in new home construction which spans over 10 years. My inspection style is a common sense approach with a toolbox full of wisdom and knowledge. I take pride in educating my clients about their new home. My comprehensive inspection report will provide you with all the details you need to make an informed decision. I don’t consider a job complete until all of your questions are answered. I look forward to educating you about your most imporant purchase.

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Serving the Denver Metro Area

Classic Home Inspection

  • Structural Support System
  • Roof and Drainage Systems
  • Grading around the home
  • Driveway and sidewalks
  • Windows and Doors
  • Exterior Walls and Floors
  • Interior Walls and Floors
  • Plumbing Fixtures and Drains
  • Electrical panels, outlets, switches and fixtures
  • Appliances
  • Heating and Cooling system
  • Inspection includes type of materials used in construction with an evaluation of their present conditions that affect the integrity of the home.
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Other Inspection Services

Modern House Property

Builder’s 1 year

Warranty Inspections

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Investment Property


A Pre-Listing Inspection is ​a wise first step to know ​the condition of your ​home before you list it. It ​will clarify any Possible ​issues and will help you ​and Your Realtor make To ​Address before Listing.

This is your last chance to ask

the builder to repair any ​Warrantable issues. Now that you ​have lived in the home, You will ​know what needs to be addressed. ​After this warranty is up, it will be ​your responSIBILITY TO fix anything ​so a 1 year warranty inspection is a ​wise choice.

Experienced or beginner ​investors will benefit ​from this type of ​inspection. you will be ​informed of the systems ​functionality and ​condition along with ​what should be repaired ​or replaced.


Classic Home Inspections

Single Family Dwellings

Finished Square Feet

0-2000 Sq. Ft $350.00

2000-2500 Sq. Ft. $375.00

2500-3000 Sq. Ft. $400.00

3000-3500 Sq. Ft. $425.00

3500-4000 Sq. Ft. $450.00

4000-4500 Sq. Ft. $475.00

4500-5000 Sq. Ft. $500.00

Above 5000 Sq. Ft. Call for Price


0-2000 Sq. Ft. $325.00

2000-2500 Sq. Ft. $350.00

3000-3500 Sq Ft. $375.00

3500-4000 Sq. Ft. $400.00


0-2000 Sq. Ft. $300.00

2000-2500 Sq. Ft. $325.00

2500 -3000 Sq. Ft. $350.00

3000-3500 Sq. Ft. $375.00

Additional Services

Radon Testing $150.00

Sewer Scope J $150.00

Major Systems Inspections $250.00

(Covers Roof, Foundation,

Electrical and Plumbing and HVAC)


Beehive in crawl space

DIY Roller Coaster Drain

Broken Roof Tile

Overloaded Wiring

Broken Hose Faucet in Wall

FRE Panel - Outdated


“Mike has inspected two houses for me ​and is prompt, professional, helpful and ​knowledgable. He discovered a small leak ​in the crawl space that was really a big ​problem and saved me $5000 in repairs. ​Recently, i called him 4 years after an ​inspection with a request for ​documentation of a radon inspection and ​he was able to immediately find it and ​email it to me. You will really like working ​with Mike.”

John J.

Mike did our inspection on our home we ​purchased, and we couldn't be more ​satisfied with his findings and helpful tips! ​Mike was extremely thorough and provided ​professional advice that will help us for ​many years to come while caring for our ​new home. Plus, the inspection report was ​provided in a very timely manner. We highly ​recommend Mike at Ark Inspections!

Samantha C.

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